What is Corydceps

The Funny Fungus That Makes You Feel Fabulous!

Cordyceps Sinensis looks like a mushroom, is really a fungus and Yaks get really excited when they eat it. Confused? Fear not, once you read our research on Cordyceps Sinensis you will understand why this funny looking fungus is one of the top energy foods on the planet.

What in The World is Codyceps?

Cordyceps is a fungus that was first discovered in the high altitudes of Tibet, Nepal and parts of China. While there are over 680 species in the Cordyceps Genus, we will be focusing on the Cordyceps Sinensis species. Cordyceps Sinensis (part of the fungi family of Ascomycotina) thrives in the cold grassy mountains at about 3,800 meters above sea level.

Wow, This is Boring – Why Should I Care About Cordyceps?

Sorry – that was so boring we fell asleep twice while writing it. If we had some Cordyceps Sinensis to eat, we definitely would not be falling asleep! You see, about 1,500 years ago yak herders in the Himalayas of Tibet and Nepal noticed that their Yak would graze on some capless mushrooms and suddenly become very energetic and playful. The herders investigated what the Yaks were eating and cordyceps was discovered.

Flash forward about 1,500 years and cordyceps sinensis is now highly sought after for its potential ability to:
  • Increase energy, endurance and stamina
  • Increase oxygen capacity
  • Battle weakness and fatigue
  • Boost lung function and capacity
  • Boost the immune system
  • Improve sexual function
Not so boring now – is it?

Does All Cordyceps Have These Health Benefits?

No. There are over 680 species of Cordyceps and only the Cordyceps Sinensis species has been extensively studied for its health benefits.

Is Cordyceps a Mushroom?

Technically no. Cordyceps is a species of fungus, but not a mushroom. However, as everyone refers to cordyceps as a mushroom – who are we to correct the world? We too will refer to cordyceps as a mushroom, but just understand if someone says "I'll bet you a $100 that cordyceps is a mushroom" take the bet and enjoy your new found wealth.

Do I Have to Travel to Tibet to Get Cordyceps?

No. While we hear Tibet is beautiful this time of year, there are now other sources for Organic Cordyceps. Of course, how the Organic Cordyceps is grown and processed will have a great deal to do with the amount of health benefits you can get from eating Organic Cordyceps.

Let's dig a little deeper into how a funny fungus like Cordyceps can have so many health benefits – The Health Benefits of Cordyceps

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