The Side Effects of Chlorella

In our previous lesson we discussed the health benefits of Chlorella. But is there an evil dark side to Chlorella that needs to be told? Actually no, but there are a few side effects of Chlorella that we will discuss now…

Does Pure Organic Chlorella Produce Any Harmful Side Effects?

First, a word from our lawyers…. You should always consult with your doctor before starting any supplement program. Nothing on this site should be taken as specific medical advice. We are not doctors and we can not give medical advice. I know this all sounds very legal, but it really makes sense to only take medical advice from your doctor, who knows your specific situation.

Generally speaking, pure Organic Chlorella does not produce serious side effects. Some users have some minor issues when first using Chlorella, such as – upset stomach, green stool (that is clearly strange – but is that even a side effect?) or diarrhea. These side effects look to be rare and generally go away as people build up a tolerance to Chlorella. It is rare, but possible to be allergic to Chlorella, so if you experience ongoing side effects with pure Organic Chlorella, you may have an allergy to Chlorella and should stop using it.

Are There Any People Who Should Not Use Pure Organic Chlorella?

People with an autoimmune disease, such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, or lupus, should avoid chlorella as it could stimulate your immune system and make your condition worse.

Women who are pregnant or nursing should always consult with their doctor before using any new supplements.

Chlorella has Iodine, so if you are allergic to Iodine or have iodine sensitivity, you should avoid Chlorella.

Again, this is not meant to be complete medical advice, we just wanted to highlight some examples of where Chlorella could do more harm than good. For the vast majority of people, taking Chlorella will be a positive experience.

Does Contaminated Organic Chlorella Produce Any Harmful Side Effects?

Talk about a leading question – YES! We mention this in a few other articles, but Organic does not always mean Pure and Healthy! If you notice in all the questions above we say “Pure Organic Chlorella”, this is because for the most part, Pure Organic Chlorella is healthy and free of major side effects.

Chlorella that grows in contaminated water and processed in an ineffective manner will be much more dangerous. If you eat Organic Chlorella that grows in a pond that is filled with heavy metals – guess what will be in your Chlorella? Yep, dangerous heavy metals! Imagine taking Chlorella to flush toxins out of your body, but you end up just putting toxins in your body. Talk about adding salt to an open wound!

Simply put, if you eat pure, lab tested, Organic Chlorella – your chance of having serious side effects are very small. If you eat Chlorella that is not pure and not tested to be free of toxins and heavy metals, there is a much greater risk of serious side effects.

How Do You Find High Quality, Pure, Lab Tested Organic Chlorella?

You simply hire a staff of researchers to search the world for the best Organic Chlorella and then write a special report for you. Or, you read our next lesson -

How To Find Outstanding Organic Chlorella

Now you know the health benefits and the side effects associated with Chlorella. If you’ve heard about Chlorella through friends or through the internet, you may have heard a few myths. “Chlorella cannot be vegan because it is grown with animal fertilizers” or “Chlorella is not safe due to radiation.” We’d like to clear up the confusion.

Read more about the myths associated with Chlorella

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