The Real Deal on Organic Vitamins

It should come as no surprise that Best Organic Supplements (BOS) is a big fan of certain Organic Vitamins. What may be more surprising to learn is that we feel some Organic Vitamins are completely useless and a waste of your money! How can something organic be a waste of money? Let's find out…

Do You Like Food That is Grown or Food That is Chemically Produced?

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that most of our readers actually prefer food that is grown. You would prefer a fresh apple, picked from an apple orchard over a synthetic compound that has a similar chemical structure and taste as apples. Of course, if we have robots reading this, my apologies – you probably want the chemical concoction.

If You Like Your Food Grown, You Will Love Your Vitamins Grown Too!

Vitamins, like food, can be grown and harvested or synthetically produced in the lab. If you like the idea of having your food grown, why wouldn't you want the same thing for your vitamins? Organic Vitamins can just be viewed as food created nutrients. Ideally we would all love to eat fresh Organic fruits and veggies all day, but if this is not possible, why not get the nutrients from those foods via whole food, nutrient dense, Organic Vitamins.

Are All Organic Vitamins Healthy and Nutrient Dense?

No! Here is where things get controversial and strange. We do strongly feel that Organic Vitamins are better than Synthetic Vitamins – but not all Organic Vitamins have the same health benefits.

There are many different ways to produce an Organic Vitamin. You could start with an Organic Fruit – that is good! However, some companies will then just extract certain nutrients from that organic fruit (leaving behind important co-factors and nutrients) and use a drying process that involves high heat to create the vitamin pill or capsule. This high heat will kill off much of the nutrients in the vitamin and in the end you have an Organic Vitamin that has very little benefit.

So, How Do I Determine Which Are the Best Organic Vitamins?

Ah, now we get to the real interesting part. We have a long and short answer for you. Here is the short answer…

We Have Researched and Picked the Best Organic Vitamins and You Can See Our Finding Here.

Here is the longer answer…

The best way to make an Organic Vitamin is to do as LITTLE as possible! Study after study have shown that Mother Nature is the best Chemist. Food is filled with nutrients, vitamins, minerals and co-factors. The best Organic Vitamins will take Organic Food, use the whole food and with as little processing as possible turn it into an Organic Vitamin.

You do NOT want to see extracts – food is filled with nutrients, so you want to see that your vitamins are made from whole foods. In addition, you do NOT want to see that heat has been used to process the Organic Vitamin. Ideally, a raw food and whole food Organic Vitamin – made without fillers and flow agents – will be the most nutrient rich and healthy Organic Vitamin.

Learn More About Organic Vitamins

We are in the process of picking and testing some of the best Organic Vitamins on the market. We have found some excellent Organic Vitamins such as B-12, B-Complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, PrenatalVitamin, Iron, Calcium and Organic Kids Vitamins.

To see our list of approved Organic Vitamins, please click here.

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