Sourcing the Best Organic Coconut Oil

In our last lesson – "What is Coconut Oil" we discussed the health benefits of Organic Coconut Oil and a few things you need to avoid when shopping for a Coconut Oil Supplement. In this lesson, we will discuss why we believe the Perfect Coconut Oil is the best Organic Coconut Oil supplement on the market.

What makes Perfect Coconut Oil The Best Organic Coconut Oil?

Perfect Coconut Oil is perfect for everything it has and everything it does NOT have. Here is a quick rundown of what makes the Perfect Coconut Oil the best Coconut Oil Supplement –
  • Made with 100% Organic Coconut Oil
  • Uses only Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Completely Unrefined – No Chemicals Added
  • Cold Pressed – No heat used (which could kill nutrients)
  • NEVER Hydrogenated - No Trans Fats
  • Excellent Source of Super Healthy Lauric Acid
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • No Other Ingredients – Just Pure Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Perfect Coconut Oil – A Little Bit of Mother Nature In a Bottle

The real benefit to the Perfect Coconut Oil over other Organic Coconut Oils is that it is made the way Mother Nature intended. No additional ingredients, no fillers, no flow agents, no dangerous Magnesium Stearate (read why 95% of supplements really contain magnesium stearate) – just pure, Organic, Unrefinded Coconuts – just as Mother Nature intended.

Perfect Coconut Oil, Perfect For Vegans

The Perfect Organic Coconut Oil comes as soft-gel capsules (order here) and also as pure Coconut Oil in a 16 ounce container (order here). The pure Coconut Oil is excellent for cooking and makes a great butter substitute in numerous recipes. Vegans love that they can use Perfect Coconut Oil in place of butter and get a great tasting dish that is packed with healthy Lauric Acid!

Conclusion: Organic Coconut Oil – Proving Not all Saturated Fats Are Created Equal

Our research shows that while Organic Coconut Oil contains saturated fat, that saturated fat comes from MCFAs (medium chain fatty acids) like Lauric Acid. Including Lauric Acid in your diet can have numerous health benefits – just ask a breast feeding baby! Fine, maybe the baby can not explain it, but breast milk and Coconut Oil are really the only two sources for Lauric acid in our diet. I am going to go out on a limb and say for most of our readers, drinking breast milk is no longer an option.

If you want to feel the benefits of Lauric Acid we highly recommend the Perfect Coconut Oil Supplements. These supplements are 100% Organic and packed with Lauric Acid. (comes as soft-gels and pure Coconut Oil).

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