Perfect Desiccated Liver

Love the health benefits of fresh grass-fed liver but hate the taste? Perfect Desiccated Liver is the perfect supplement for you! Crafted from the livers of healthy, happy, grass-fed cows, this supplement is packed with naturally occurring iron, A and B vitamins, protein, amino acids, fatty acids, and more! Careful sourcing ensures that the cattle used to create Perfect Desiccated Liver never come into contact with antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, herbicides, GMO feed or any other chemical contaminants.

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Perfect Desiccated Liver Nutritional Information
  • Non-Defatted Grass-Fed Beef Liver
  • 70% Protein by Weight
  • 2.8mg of Naturally Occurring Iron per 3g Serving
  • 969 IU of Naturally Occurring Vitamin A per 3g Serving
  • 5.5mcg of Vitamin B12 per 3g Serving
The Health Benefits of Perfect Desiccated Liver

Perfect Desiccated Liver is a nutrient dense source of high quality protein that works to boost energy and metabolism, improve digestion, maintain healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels, boost the immune system, maintain cardiovascular health, and improve respiratory strength.

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