Perfect Cordyceps - Organic Cordycep Sinensis

CORDYCEPS SINENSIS - Considered One of The Most Important Medicinal Herbs Available Today!

Since first being discovered in China over 1,500 years ago, Cordyceps has been very well researched for its potential health benefits.

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Here are some of the potential health benefits from Organic Cordyceps Sinensis:
  • Increase energy, endurance and stamina
  • Increase oxygen capacity
  • Battle weakness and fatigue
  • Boost lung function and capacity
  • Boost the immune system
  • Improve sexual function
Cordyceps Sinensis is an adaptogenic herb which means that it helps to build resistance to all areas of bodily stress such as extreme heat or cold, toxic chemicals, sleep deprivation, and depression while producing a normalizing influence on the body. The important thing with an adaptogen is that it is able to adapt to what the body needs and keep the body in balance. If an herb helped with physical exhaustion,but did nothing to protect against viruses it would not be adaptogenic. Adaptogenic herbs are also safe and non-toxic with few, if any, side effects.

There are over 680 species of Cordyceps and only the Cordyceps Sinensis species has been extensively studied for its health benefits. Cordyceps is very popular with endurance athletes of all types. Cyclists, Runners, Mountain Climbers, Swimmers and Triathletes are just some of the athletes who have used Cordyceps with great success.

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