Is Acai an Outstanding Organic Ingredient

As we discussed in our article – How Do We Pick The Best Organic Supplements (Part I) – before we recommend any ingredient, the first step is to test if the ingredient qualifies as an Outstanding Organic Ingredient. In that article, we laid out the 4 Question Test that we apply to every ingredient we research, if we get a YES answer to all 4 questions, then we call it an Outstanding Organic Ingredient.

Let's apply the 4 Question Outstanding Organic Ingredient Test to Acai and see how it does…

#1. Is The Ingredient Nutrient Dense With Proven Health Benefits?

Yes, Yes and YES! As we discussed in our articles – The Nutritional Makeup of Acai and The Health Benefits of Acai – Organic Acai is packed with nutrients that can provide real health benefits. The terms super food and super fruit are thrown around too often these days, but they clearly apply to Organic Acai.

#2. Is The Ingredient Safe?

Yes! Pure, Organic, Freeze Dried Acai Berry is generally safe for most people. Consumers need to be careful because many of the Acai products on the market are not pure, so they can have side effects. Please read our Acai Side Effects article for complete information. As always, check with your doctor before starting on any new ingredients or supplements.

#3. Can The Ingredient Be Sourced In A Way That Does Not Harm The Planet?

Yes! Acai berries can be picked from the Acai Palm trees in the Amazon Rainforest without doing any damage to the trees or the rainforest. We were able to find a few companies that were harvesting Acai using Fair Trade practices and doing no harm to the planet.

#4. Can The Ingredient Be Processed Without Losing Its Nutrients?

Yes – but it is tricky! Acai needs to be frozen within 20 hours of being picked or it goes rancid. If you want an Acai Supplement, it needs to be made with Freeze Dried Acai powder, again from Acai berries that were frozen within 20 hours of being picked. Learn more about this process by reading our Plant to Powder article. You also want to make sure that you are getting the whole acai berry – pulp and skin (minus the seed). You do NOT want an Acai Extract (like 4:1). Please read our Acai Side Effects lesson as it provides more details on how to get Organic Acai out of the rainforest without losing the nutrients.

We Have 4 Yes Answers – Acai is An Outstanding Organic Ingredient

Now that we know that Organic Acai is something you will want to take, we need to find the Best Organic Acai Supplement on the market. Let's move on to the next lesson – How To Find The Best Organic Acai Supplements

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