Is Cordyceps an Outstanding Organic Ingredient

As we discussed in our article – How Do We Pick The Best Organic Supplements (Part I) – before we recommend any ingredient, the first step is to test if the ingredient qualifies as an Outstanding Organic Ingredient. In that article, we laid out the 4 Question Test that we apply to every ingredient we research, if we get a YES answer to all 4 questions, then we call it an Outstanding Organic Ingredient.

Let's apply the 4 Question Outstanding Organic Ingredient Test to Cordyceps Sinensis and see how it does…

#1. Is The Ingredient Nutrient Dense With Proven Health Benefits?

YES! As we discuss in the Cordyceps Health Benefits lesson, Cordyceps is an adaptogen herb with a long history of health benefits. In fact, a quick search on for "Cordyceps Sinensis" will show over 300 clinical studies. Pure Organic Cordyceps Sinensis does have nutrients that provide real health benefits.

#2. Is The Ingredient Safe?

Yes! Please read our Cordyceps Side Effects article for complete information, but Pure Organic Cordyceps, that is grown in cultivation, is generally safe for most people. In addition, Cordyceps is an Adaptogen herb and one of the requirements for an herb to be an Adaptogen is that it can not be toxic or produce serious side effects.

We saw no red flags while doing our research, but as always, check with your doctor before starting on any new ingredients or supplements.

#3. Can The Ingredient Be Sourced In A Way That Does Not Harm The Planet?

Yes! We have found an Organic Cordyceps Sinensis that is grown in cultivation on pieces of grain. There is absolutely no harm to the planet in harvesting this cultivated Cordyceps Sinensis.

#4. Can The Ingredient Be Processed Without Losing Its Nutrients?

Yes! Cordyceps can be dried into a powder without using excessive heat or drying agents – this allows the Cordyceps powder to retain the same nutrients found in fresh Cordyceps.

Of course, there are cheap low quality Cordycep powders on the market which use high heat and drying agents – these products would NOT pass our test. Luckily we were able to locate a company that processes Cordyceps in the correct manner so the cordyceps powder is rich in nutrients.

We Have 4 Yes Answers – Cordyceps is An Outstanding Organic Ingredient

Now that we know that Organic Cordyceps is something you will want to take, we need to find the Best Organic Cordyceps Supplement on the market. Let's move on to the next lesson – How To Find The Best Organic Cordyceps Supplements

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