Myths About Spirulina and Chlorella

Myth #1: Chilean Sodium Nitrate is organic. Spirulina and Chlorella Cultivated with Chilean Sodium Nitrate is Natural and Organic.

FALSE! Chilean Sodium Nitrate is a chemical fertilizer used to grow Spirulina and Chlorella. It is NOT organic and therefore Spirulina and Chlorella grown with Chilean Sodium Nitrate is NOT organic. It is a mined, inorganic mineral that has significant actual and potential risks to the environment and it is a depleting, nonrenewable resource.

Myth #2: All Spirulina and Chlorella was contaminated by the Hiroshima and Fukushima radiation. There is no such thing as organic Spirulina and Chlorella that is safe and free from radiation.

FALSE! It is true that some Spirulina and Chlorella has been contaminated by radiation. This radiation is specific to Spirulina and Chlorella in Japan and the waters of Hawaii Pacific. Not all Spirulina and Chlorella is contaminated but it is important to know where your Spirulina and Chlorella supplements are coming from. Make sure you know where your Spirulina and Chlorella was cultivated and ask if your Spirulina and Chlorella was thoroughly tested for radiation and toxins.

Myth #3: If Spirulina and Chlorella is not grown with Chilean Sodium Nitrate, it is grown with animal product fertilizers, and is therefore, not vegan.

FALSE! If a company uses an animal product fertilizer, than the Spirulina and Chlorella can no longer be considered vegan. BUT there are other options aside from animal fertilizers and inorganic fertilizers such as Chilean Sodium Nitrate. Organic plant based fertilizers can be used to cultivate Spirulina and Chlorella and they work just as well. If you’d like a supplement that is organic and vegan, look for a company that uses an organic, plant based fertilizer to cultivate their Spirulina and Chlorella.

Perfect Aquatic Greens is an ideal blend of organic Chlorella and Spirulina. Perfect Supplements never uses Chilean Sodium Nitrate or animal fertilizers to cultivate their products therefore Perfect Aquatic Greens is 100% organic and 100% vegan. The Spirulina and Chlorella used to make Perfect Aquatic Greens is ALWAYS extensively tested for radiation and toxins so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that this supplement is guaranteed safe for you and your family.

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