Is Green Coffee an Outstanding Ingredient

Before we recommend any ingredient, the first stepis to test if the ingredient qualifies as an Outstanding Organic Ingredient. In that article, we laid out the 4 Question Test that we apply to every ingredient we research, if we get a YES answer to all 4 questions, then we call it an Outstanding Organic Ingredient.

Let's apply the 4 Question Outstanding Organic Ingredient Test to Green Coffee Bean Extract and see how it does…

#1. Is The Ingredient Nutrient Dense With Proven Health Benefits?

Absolutely! As we discussed in the health benefits article, Green Coffee Bean Extract contains a powerful antioxidant called chlorogenic acid that may help people lose weight and reduce the risk of developing certain diseases. And yes, these benefits are proven by clinical research.

#2. Is The Ingredient Safe?

Yes! Please visit our side effects article to read about prominent Green Coffee studies in which ZERO SIDE EFFECTS were reported.

#3. Can The Ingredient Be Sourced In A Way That Does Not Harm The Planet?

Yes! With great research, Best Organic Supplements has discovered a Green Coffee Bean Extract supplement that is 100% Fairly-Traded.

#4. Can The Ingredient Be Processed Without Losing Its Nutrients?

YES! The green coffee beans are raw to begin with which means they already contain plenty of beneficial chlorogenic acid. Green Coffee Bean Extract is then produced without using extreme heat or chemicals which allows all of those antioxidants to stay perfectly intact.

4 YES Answers Means that Green Coffee Bean Extract is an Outstanding Ingredient!

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