How to Pick the Best African Mango Supplement

In our previous article, The Clinical Research on African Mango, we discovered that African Mango is backed by significant science and clinical studies when it comes to helping to promote weight loss. In this article, we try to determine what makes some African Mango Supplements more effective than others.

Yes, African Mango Sounds Nice, But it is Not Accurate

Sorry, we have been guilty throughout this report of using the term African Mango, when that is not really accurate. Something about sitting in Africa, eating a Mango, while riding on a giraffe just made us smile. Anyway, the truth is, all that research and clinical studies we presented in our last article…it was all about IGOB131. IGOB131 is proprietary extract of African Mango seeds made by Gateway Health Alliances Inc. (GHA).

Search around and you will see that the major research and studies on "African Mango" and weight loss have really been about IGOB131 and weight loss. For this reason, the search for the best African Mango supplement starts and ends with finding supplements made with pure IGOB131.

The 3 Keys to Making the Best African Mango Supplement

Well, that was easy – I guess the name should have given it away. The Perfect African Mango really is…the perfect African Mango supplement. Take a look at the label –

Exactly what we want:
  • 150mg of pure IGOB131 per serving
  • 60 Servings in a bottle
  • ABSOLUTELY no other ingredients – PURE IGOB131
Simply put, if you take the Perfect African Mango you are taking the exact same thing, in the exact same dosage as was used in the clinical study where subjects lost 10 pounds in 4 weeks.

Isn't All African Mango Really The Same Thing?

NO! Supplement companies want you to believe this since IGOB131 is significantly more expensive than a simple African Mango extract. They want to confuse you, have you believing that African Mango is all the same. Please don't fall for this trick. Read the clinical studies for yourself, if you decide you want to replicate what happened in these studies, use the exact ingredient that was used in these studies – IGOB131.

Is There a Difference Between IGOB131 Supplements?

Excellent question almost seems like something we would ask if you see IGOB131 on the ingredient list, that is a great start, but you need to look further. Make sure you are getting 150 mg of IGOB131.

Recently, we have seen this trick… A company will put in a small amount of IGOB131 and then fill the capsule with African Mango extract. So, the label says "Made with IGOB131" and "300mg of African Mango per serving" – but in truth they put in 10mg of IGOB131 and 290mg of untested African Mango Extract. Don't fall for this trick; make sure you see 150mg of IGOB131 per capsule.

As important as it is to have IGOB131 in the capsule, it is also important to NOT have other things in the capsule. You don't want magnesium stearate, rice, silica, fillers, flow agents, etc. When you look at the ingredient list you want to see IGOB131 and nothing else.

Again, this is why we love the Perfect African Mango – it is the only 100% Pure IGOB131 supplement, with absolutely no other ingredients.

Is Perfect African Mango Organic?

Unfortunately no. IGOB131 is not certified organic, so it is not possible to make an Organic certified IGOB131 supplement. The good news, the IGOB131 is wild harvested and no pesticides are used in the production of the extract.

Yes, we always prefer to recommend supplements that are certified organic, but due to the way African Mango is wild harvested, the best we can do in this case is look for ingredients that are grown without the use of pesticides. IGOB131 falls into this category, so we have no problem recommending it.

African Mango: In Conclusion

After doing all this reading you are probably ready to fall asleep or strangely craving a mango smoothie! We do find the research on African Mango (or really IGOB131) to be compelling and it once again proves our philosophy – Mother Nature Does it Best!

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