How Do We Pick The Best Organic Supplements

We have a love/hate relationship with supplements. We love healthy and pure Organic Supplements that offer the best nutrients from Mother Nature. We hate fraudulent, over hyped, low quality supplements that prey on your health fears and are a complete waste of your money.

Our goal here is simple, to find the best organic supplements in the world and provide research and information on these supplements, so you can make informed buying decisions. Of course, by now you must be wondering – with so many supplements on the market, how do we pick the BEST Organic Supplements?

Process for Selecting The Best Organic Supplements

Our first idea was beautiful in its simplicity. We would take all the organic supplements we could find, throw them in the ocean and whichever ones sank were the best! While that idea had a great "at one with the planet" feel to it, it seemed to be lacking in scientific rigor. Seriously, we wanted everyone to know exactly how we select the organic supplements we recommend, so we came up with a set of criteria we apply to every ingredient we research.

Organic Supplements Made With Ineffective Organic Ingredients = Useless Organic Supplements

Want the world's finest organic saw dust supplement? Probably not! Before we can even start looking at which supplements are the best, we need to evaluate the ingredients. An organic ingredient is a great start, but we are looking for Outstanding Organic Ingredients! In order for an Organic Ingredient to be Outstanding, we need to get four YES answers to the following questions…

Is The Ingredient Nutrient Dense With Proven Health Benefits?

The first step when we hear about a new fruit, plant or ingredient is to do extensive research. Is the fruit nutrient dense? Are there health benefits humans can see from eating the fruit? After all, being organic and pure really doesn't matter if the ingredient you start with offers no health benefits to humans.

Is The Ingredient Safe?

We occasionally come across ingredients that do look to have some real health benefits, but they also have potentially dangerous side effects. If this is the case, we end the research and never recommend that ingredient. The whole idea of eating healthy and organic is to feel better, we see absolutely no point in eating an organic food if it has dangerous side effects.

Can The Ingredient Be Sourced In A Way That Does Not Harm The Planet?

I don't know about you, but we are into this good health thing for the long term. We only have one planet, and we can not be short sighted in our goals. If there is a healthy ingredient, but the only way to get it is to destroy a forest or force indigenous people off their land – that really is not a "healthy" ingredient for the world as a whole.

We believe a healthy organic ingredient is one that can help the growers, the planet and the person eating it.

Can The Ingredient Be Processed Without Losing Its Nutrients?

Some fruits are fantastic if you can get them fresh, but just don't work as supplements. As we discuss in another article, we look to see if a fruit or plant can be freeze dried to protect the nutrients thatare in the fresh organic fruit. Since we are looking to recommend organic supplements, we need to make sure that the organic ingredient can still be potent in a supplement form.

If we can get YES answers to above 4 questions, we have found an Outstanding Organic Ingredient. The next step is to find the best organic supplements made with this Outstanding ingredient.

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