Zeotrex - Chemical and Toxic Metal Cleanse

Zeotrex by GHC is a scientifically formulated, all natural product used to aid the body in the removal of chemical and heavy metal toxins. This revolutionary product was developed using the TincTract Technology to incorporate the chemical and heavy metal cleansing ability of organic zeolites in combination with powerful angstrom-colloid chemical and heavy metal cleansing herbs, mB trace minerals and Nano-colloidal Iodine in a base of Humic and Fulvic acid.

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Zeotrex Health Benefits:
  • Removes Toxic Chemical and Heavy Metal Buildup
  • Helps to Increase Vitality and Energy
  • Supports Healthy Emotions and Stress Levels
  • Stimulates Toxin Removal from Intestinal Tract
  • Reduces Brain Fog and May Improve Memory

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