Finding the Best Organic Acai Supplement

In our last lesson, we put Acai to the Outstanding Organic Ingredient Test and it passed with flying colors! Now, that we know that organic Acai Berry is an ingredient that is safe and has health benefits, we just need to figure out which of the hundreds of Acai Berry supplements on the market is really the best organic Acai Berry supplement.

Are All Organic Acai Supplements The Same?

No, No and Absolutely NO! Organic Acai, growing in the Amazon Rainforest, will be the same – but there is a world of difference between the various organic Acai supplements on the market. Factors such as when the organic Acai was picked, how it was processed and the other ingredients that are in the bottle all effect the quality of the Acai supplement.

Some people think seeing the Organic Certification on a bottle of Acai Berry means they are getting the most nutrient rich Acai supplements – this is not the case! In order to evaluate which organic Acai supplements have the most nutrients, we came up with a test…

The Process to Pick The Best Organic Acai Supplement

If you have not done so, now would be a great time to read our article – Picking the Best Organic Supplements, Part 2. Go ahead, read it over, we will wait…

Back now? Great! As the article states we have come up with our Be The Best Supplement Test. We applied this test to numerous organic Acai supplements and one supplement aced the test - Perfect Acai from Perfect Supplements.

Applying the Be The Best Supplement Test to Perfect Acai - Is The Supplement Certified Organic?

Yes, Perfect Acai is made with only 100% organic Acai Berry.

Is The Supplement Made With Fair Trade Practices?

Yes. The Perfect Acai is made using only Acai from coops in the Amazon that adhere to Fair Trade Practices. Currently, there is not a Fair Trade Certification program for Acai, so at this point we need to make sure that the coops that supply the Acai Berry work in a Fair Trade manner. Perfect Acai is committed to only working with coops that believe in the Fair Trade policy.

Is The Supplement Pure?

Yes! This is where the Perfect Acai really pulled ahead of the competition. There is exactly one ingredient in the Perfect Acai – 100% Organic Freeze Dried Acai. No fillers, no flow agents, no Magnesium Stearate, (read why 95% of supplements really contain Magnesium Stearate) and no other ingredients – just pure and organic Acai Berry.

Has The Supplement Been Lab Tested?

Yes. We were very impressed with the amount of lab testing and documentation on the Perfect Acai. We consider this a crucial piece to the puzzle of finding the best organic Acai.

Supplements are not well regulated by the government, in fact no testing has to be done before a supplement reaches the market. Companies that take the time and expense to test their supplements for nutrient levels, as well as for any contaminants, show that they are truly concerned about offering the best possible supplements to their customers.

Is The Supplement Made From The Whole Food?

Yes. The Perfect Acai is NOT made from extracts – it is made from whole food Acai Berry. The Perfect Acai is simply whole food Acai Berry pulp and skin, that has been freeze dried into a powder.

It is very important to note that Perfect Acai does NOT use the Acai seed. The Acai seed takes up about 90% of the Acai Berry, but it has no nutritional value. The nutrients are in the skin and the pulp – and this is all this is used in the Perfect Acai. Supplements that do use the seed, will have 90% less nutrients than Perfect Acai, because the supplement will be only 10% Acai pulp and skin.

The other major advantage to the Perfect Acai is that it is made with organic Acai that has been frozen within 12-18 hours of being picked. As Acai can go rancid if it is not frozen within 20 hours, this is very important. Perfect Acai is made from whole food organic Acai Berries, frozen within 12-18 hours of being picked and then freezed dried into powder – this makes it the most pure and effective Acai Berry supplement we have found.

Is The Company Reputable?

Yes. Perfect Supplements, LLC is a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has absolutely no negative reports on file. In addition, their phone number and physical address is clearly listed on the site.

We also did a search for negative comments and reviews on "perfect supplements" and we could not find anything.

Does The Company Offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee?

Absolutely yes! No questions asked, no restocking fees, no hoops to jump through. Simply, if you are not happy, they refund your money. This shows the company really stands behind their Perfect Acai. Here at Best Organic Supplements we offer the same money back guarantee on all of the products sold in our supplement store.

Conclusion: Organic Acai

We hope in reading through our lessons on Acai you have learned more about this nutrient rich tiny berry from the Amazon. No, Acai will not let you lose 30 pounds overnight or cure every know disease – but itis a very nutritious food with some strong potential health benefits.

We love the Perfect Acai and believe it is the best Organic Acai Supplement that you can buy, but even if you decide on another brand, hopefully the information in these lessons will help you make an informed decision. Maybe the only thing more powerful than organic ingredients is a good education!

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