Choosing the Best Green Coffee Supplement

Must Contain PURE Green Coffee Bean Extract:

Lesser Green Coffee supplements might contain proprietary blends which hide the true amount of Green Coffee Bean Extract included in the product. These proprietary blends often contain unnatural and artificial ingredients that could potentially cause harmful side effects. The best Green Coffee supplement will contain 100% Green Coffee Bean Extract.

Nothing But Green Coffee Bean Extract:

A Green Coffee supplement should contain pure Green Coffee Bean Extract in a vegetable capsule, and absolutely nothing else. A Green Coffee supplement should never contain proprietary blends, fillers, flow agents, added caffeine or sugar, or ANY other artificial ingredients.

The Chlorogenic Acid Should Be Standardized to 50%:

To receive all of the benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract, the chlorogenic acid found in the extract needs to be standardized to 50%. Therefore, a 400 mg serving of Green Coffee Bean Extract should contain approximately 200 mg of chlorogenic acid.

The Product Should Be Certified Vegan and Fairly-Traded:

Look for a Certified Vegan Green Coffee supplement in a vegetable capsule. Gelatin capsules contain animal byproduct and are therefore not vegan. Unfortunately, an Organic Green Coffee Bean Extract does not exist at this time. The next best thing is a Green Coffee supplement containing ingredients that are grown naturally and Fairly-Traded.

Do the research, read the labels, and follow these simple guidelines to make sure you are getting the very best that Green Coffee Bean Extract has to offer.

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