Acai Berry Side Effects

In our last lesson we discovered that pure Organic Acai Berry has some very strong health benefits. Is there a down side to Acai? Are there side effects that we need to be aware of? These are the questions we will address in this lesson…

Does Pure Organic Acai Berry Produce Any Harmful Side Effects?

First, a word from our lawyers… You should always consult with your doctor before starting any supplement program. Nothing on this site should be taken as specific medical advice. We are not doctors and we can not give medical advice. I know this all sounds very legal, but it really makes sense to only take medical advice from your doctor, who knows your specific situation.

Generally speaking, pure organic Acai does not produce any serious side effects. Just as eating other fruits does not cause side effects, eating pure organic Acai should not produce side effects. Of course if you have food allergies, you need to be careful with any new foods.

Are There Any People Who Should Not Use Pure Organic Acai?

Women who are pregnant or nursing should always consult with their doctor before using any new supplements. In addition, as positive as antioxidants normally are, there can be some situations where you are trying to limit antioxidant intake. If you have been told by your doctor to avoid foods high in antioxidants, you will want to avoid Acai.

So Acai Supplements Will Give Me Health Benefits Without Side Effects?

Not so fast! This is the bait and switch trick most supplement companies play. They talk about all the health benefits of pure organic Acai Berry. They then say that pure organic Acai Berry is free of side effects. So far so good, but they then say their Acai supplement will produce health benefits without side effects – this may not be true!

There can be a tremendous difference between the fresh Acai you find in the Amazon Rainforest and the Acai that ends up in your supplement. Let's dig a little deeper in how Acai gets from the Amazon Rainforest to a supermarket shelf…

How Do You Get Organic Acai Out of The Amazon Rainforest?

Very carefully! The Acai berry is 50% fat, so it will go rancid within 24 hours of being picked. In order to get Acai out of the Rainforest, and maintain all its healthy nutrients, you need to freeze the Acai within 18 hours of picking it.

Having Acai that is frozen within 18 hours of picking is absolutely essential to getting Acai that has health benefits and is free of serious side effects.

I Have Seen Acai Extracts, Are These Good?

NO! In our article on the nutrients in the Acai Berry we explained that the Acai is so healthy because it contains a wide range of nutrients. You need to eat the whole Acai fruit (minus the seed) to feel the benefits of the Acai Berry. If you see an Acai product that says Extract or 4:1 Acai Extract – run the other way.

So, You Have to Eat Frozen Acai Berries to See Health Benefits?

Not exactly. Once Acai Berries are frozen, they can be turned into Acai powder and Acai capsules. Of course, there is a major catch. You need to make sure the Acai powder is freeze dried. The freeze dry technique does not expose the Acai to high heat and therefore maintains all the nutrients in the Acai berry.

If you see an Acai supplement that is spray dried – do NOT buy it. Spray dried Acai has been processed with high heat and drying agents – the end result – this Acai has very little nutritional value.

I Have Heard of People Having Side Effects with Acai, How Can This Be if You Say it is Safe?

Most likely, people who have side effects with Acai are using an Acai supplement that is a 4:1 Extract and spray dried. This type of Acai is not completely pure and the other ingredients in this Acai can be causing the side effects.

In addition, many Acai supplements mix Acai with other cheaper ingredients – to make the supplement less expensive. It is possible the side effects they experienced came from the other ingredients, not Acai.

I Am Confused, So is Acai Berry Safe?

Sorry, it does get a little confusing. Let's recap. Pure Organic Acai Berry, that is frozen within 18 hours of being picked is safe and packed with healthy nutrients. If you are looking for Acai in powder or supplement form, then you need to find an Acai supplement that is made with only 100% Pure Organic Whole Food Freeze Dried Acai. Don't worry, we will explain more in a future article, but we just wanted to let you know about the different forms of Acai.

So, Should I Add Organic Acai Berry to My Diet?

Not yet, wise warrior. Before we can recommend any ingredient, it needs to pass our Outstanding Organic Ingredient test. So, follow along to our next lesson – Does the Acai Berry Pass Our Outstanding Organic Ingredient Test...

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